-What are your business hours?

Hours may vary, but hours are generally Tuesday through Friday 10 am to around 7pm.

-How much does a tattoo cost? 

There are many different variables that determine the cost of a tattoo (size, detail, subject matter etc.) it’s very difficult to give an exact price. Jesse charges an hourly rate. Please email for specific details,questions or more information.


-How do I make an appointment?

Appointments are based on an application process. Jesse chooses to do tattoos that best fit the style & composition he prefers to work in. We open/close the books about every 4 months in an effort to keep waiting times relatively short. Send us an email through the site or to rixbooking@yahoo.com to be put on the email list. We would send you an email with any news/updates and when the books open with what information is needed. 


-Does Jesse do cover-ups?

If you have an existing tattoo that you would like covered completely, Jesse is willing to work with you to see what he could do; providing that it's possible with the existing piece you have. It's best to book a consult first so he can see your existing tattoo and go over options. While he is willing to do cover-ups, he will not work on, fix or finish tattoos started by other tattoo artists. Only new pieces. Sorry.


-Can you draw something up for me so I can see it ahead of time?

He is a custom artist and draws every tattoo design for each client so they have a one of a kind tattoo. He is very busy and typically doesn't do drawings ahead of time, although he tries to get them done as soon as possible. If you have an appointment booked he will have your design ready to go the day you come in. He leaves enough time before the appointment to make any necessary changes to the design. Drawings are not allowed to leave the studio to prevent duplication.


-Is my deposit refundable?

No, if you cancel your appointment or do not make your appointment the deposit is non-refundable.


-What if I can’t make my appointment?

If you have an appointment booked and for some reason you can’t make it or need to re-schedule, we require that you call us (please do not email) to notify us within 48 hours. If you re-schedule with ample time your deposit is transferrable.


- What should I do to prepare for my tattoo?

It’s always a good idea to get a good night’s sleep, a meal and a shower before your appointment. Try to avoid being hung over for your appointment. You want to be feeling your best for the whole process to go smoothly. You should also try to wear comfortable clothing that allows the area you are getting tattooed to be easily accessible.


-What should I bring with me for my appointment?

We require a valid photo ID, no exceptions. State Driver’s licenses, military ID’s and Passports are all acceptable forms of identification. It’s also a good idea to bring snacks and drinks with you just in case. We do have plenty of restaurants in the area but having snacks readily available, especially for long sittings are a plus! If distractions help you sit better for your tattoo, please feel free to bring a book,iPod,iPad,Nook,etc. Payment: We accept cash, debit and credit cards. We do not take checks.